The Travelling Errey’s

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I have been thinking about the Errey families that migrated and realized most of them were descendants of William Errey b 1778 Sussex, England – d 1840 Sussex, England and Elizabeth Gurnett b 1780 Sussex, England  – d 1859 Sussex, England.

Below is a breakdown of where this family and their descendants settled.

1. Mercy Errey b 1802 married Thomas Gilbert and they & most of  their family migrated to the USA.

2. William Errey b 1804 married Elsie Baitup and remained in Sussex, England but two of their six children migrated to Australia. David Errey and married his cousin Elizabeth Errey after they arrived in Australia. Anne Errey married Robert Hazelden  who had passed away at the time of her migration, Anne and 5 or 6 of her her children migrated to Australia. One of William & Elsie’s other children George Errey married Mary Jane Noakes and two of their children migrated to Australia, Benjamin Henry Errey & Catherine Jane Coppins & five of their children and his younger brother Charles George Errey and Gertrude Charlotte Trigg & three of their children. Another son of George &  Mary Jane’s children  migrated to Canada about 1911, Frank Errey and his wife Ellen Matilda Hall, they had ten children, nine girls and one boy.

3. Hannah Errey b 1906 married William Kenward and they and their 3 children migrated to the USA

4. Betsy Errey b 1912 married Jesse Barnes and remained in England.

5. Thomas Peter Errey b 1815 married Mary Rose, and their family of 7 children along with David Errey a nephew mentioned above, migrated to Australia.

6. Benjamin Errey b 1818, their youngest child, married Hannah Stevens, but after her death he married a widow Ruth Gaston, They and most of their families along with a daughter of their own Ruth Errey migrated to Australia.

There are of course some other Errey family members that migrated but this family contains most of the Errey descendant families that left England to start a new life in lands far away.

You may well have a headache after try to understand this so I will include a family tree that may help explain it better.

Looking at the birth and death places will help identify the families and individuals who moved.

A pictorial view of the Travelling Errey Families

Neil Errey