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No specific details of any living persons are included on this Web site but these statistical details do include living family members, these details are taken from over 16,250 individuals.

Click to view statistics of family  correct as at February 2017.

Below is a large early family tree that may be of interest to many. This is the beginnings of most but not all of the Errey family world wide as far as I have been able to establish.  There are a small number of Errey families that are included on this Web Site but are not include in this family tree. There are a few reason why this is so.  A very small number of families found with the Errey name are derived from another name that has now been adopted by the family and have no known connection with the Errey family originating from Sussex England. Another small number have the Errey name but how it originate with them us unknown to me. A few individuals in the USA have German origins, others have African Negro origins and their is a large Errey family in India seemingly without connection to the Sussex family.

All of these families are included in the data base of this family Web Site where they are deceased and I have been able to locate there details.

We are still working on this tree and some of the very early details need to be further proved with historic documentation. If you can help or wish to comment I would love to hear from you.

 Click to see a very large 92 page six Generation Family tree covering a great many of the Errey families from 1706 to about 1950. If you are a directly related part of the Errey family you should be able to find some of your Ancestors here.

If you cannot find your family roots please contact me as I would be delighted to help you learn more about the Errey Family, find your Ancestors and connect them to the larger Errey family.

Perhaps you can help me with additional details, stories or photographs or corrections.

Hoping to hear from you.

Neil Errey