Heathfield Printers

Heathfield printers – from humble beginnings

Edward Errey 1865-1940 set up his business in Heathfield, Sussex, England dealing initially in second hand furniture and antiques in around 1900, with a workshop at the rear to complete repairs. The balcony was used in fine weather to display carpets that could be draped over the rail.

In 1910 the business was expanded to include a printing works. This expansion necessitated adding a third line the the rooftop signage as can be seen in the old photograph.Errey Furniture and Printers Store

The business was very successful employing many locals over many years.
I am appreciative of the help given by Ray Russell who made me aware of this clip and helped make this available for us to enjoy. Thank you Ray for your help once again.
This old film clip of the printing business by captured by Jack Bookman and has been edited into a two minute clip . Mr Bookman was a local amateur film maker and  lived, at first on Vines Cross Road, then Tollwood Road, before moving to Eastbourne, and later (we believe) to the west country.
Ray Russel himself is very grateful to his parents, Susan and Barry Russell, for making available film that was shared with them by Mick Saj, whose father (in turn) was given the film by his neighbour in Horam, Jack Bookman.

So as you can see this little clip could well have been lost but for the help of many people wishing to preserve a little of our past.

Thank you one and all.

… and so to the film clip Heathfield Printers in 1978

This original building was destroyed by fire in 1972 but was rebuild and the business continued to grow. I visited this business in 1986. The picture was taken about 1910.