First Migrants to Australia.

Some time back I promise to post some new findings about Thomas Peter Errey b 1815 and his wife Mary Rose b 1813 .Guild Logo

The plot has thickened as they say and it has become more complicated the more I research, and is now many pages long.

logo_150Please allow me to try and summarise my findings so far.

As many of you know Thomas Peter Errey, Mary Rose his wife and the children, Elizabeth, William Henry, Mercy, Thomas Peter, Ruth, Martha and nephew David Errey Departed Southampton, England on 23 May 1857 arriving in Victoria, Australia on 2 September 1857.

We believed they were the first of the Errey family to migrate to Australia. Mercy  Errey and Hannah Errey, both sisters of Thomas Peter Errey and Benjamin Errey had migrated to the USA before 1857.

We now discover a brother of Mary Rose, (Thomas Peter Errey’s wife), Thomas Rose married a cousin of Thomas Peter Errey, Mary Errey on 12 February 1838 in Heathfield, Sussex, England.

I fear I may have lost some of you by now, but hopefully a few of you will persist with this stranger than fiction true story.

Thomas Rose and his wife Mary Rose ne. Errey, and four daughters ages 9 – 18 years, also migrated to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia departing Southampton, England arriving in Victoria near Melbourne on 25 August 1857 just a week before Thomas Peter Errey, Mary Errey ne. Rose and the family.

Upon closer examination of the shipping records I have found that another of the Rose family were also on that earlier trip.

Philadelphia Maskell ne. Rose, her husband James Maskell and their two boys William & Thomas were on the “Talbot” also.

The two boys William Maskell age 10 and Thomas Maskell age 8 are the beginnings of the Maskell family in the Camperdown area, and a number of them married members of the Errey family later.

I have prepared a family tree that will better show these connections.

I have made this a 5 generation tree display this Maskell  family and some of their Errey & Rose family connections.

The conclusion to all this is that Thomas Peter Errey b 1815 & Mary Rose 1813-1900 his wife and their children and nephew David Errey were not the first of the Errey family to migrate to Australia after all.

Mary Errey b 1812 (Cousin to Thomas Peter Errey) & Thomas Rose b 1817 (brother to Mary Rose – Thomas Peter Errey’s wife),  arrived about a week earlier.

There are many more details I have gleaned from all these records along with other records that will hopefully be posted on this site later.

Neil Errey