Before the courts in the USA

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Here’s a story my mother (Phyllis Esther Grant ne Peirce b 1876) told about my great uncle Edwin J. Pierce 1887-1974.
As you can see, he lived a long life.

When in about 1972, he was 95, he rear-ended a vehicle and got hauled into court.

The judge had always known him and respected him, so was gentle with him in court.

Ed was a very honest, modest, humble man by all accounts.

The judge said to Ed that he must surrender his license.

Ed respected authority, so the judge was surprised when Ed answered back.
“I can’t do that, your honour.”

“Why is that, Ed?” asked the judge.

“I’ve never had a license,” said Ed. judge made Ed promise never to drive again, since he couldn’t take the license, and of course Ed’s promise was solid.

(Ed started driving before drivers licenses were required, and he’d never been chased up to obtain one.)

A few weeks later a bicycle (3-wheeler) arrived at Ed’s farm where he lived with his sister Fanny. He ordered one by mail order to get to and from the farm so he could work.”  Edwin John Pierce "Rest in Piece"

I would like to believe I’ve passed on this story accurately and that it is true.

David Grant – Victoria, Australia

Family Tree of David John Pierce, Ed’s parents and His siblings.