1895 Diary of Jane Mercy Alice Errey

Diary of Jane Mercy Alice Errey b 23 Jul 1880
Cobden, Victoria, Australia 1895 Victoria, Australia age 15.

The diary is hand written and not all the writing is easy to follow.Guild Logo

28th January 1895… Ester went with cheese and Mary (her 21 year old sister) was making Jam. I milked (the cow/s) tonight.

29th January Tuesday… I was knitting all day & Mary was making Jam and at night stepped the clothes. We went for a walk in the evening. I went to Mahon’s today

30th January Wednesday…We washed in the morning and it was very windy.

31st January Thursday… I ironed this morning & Mr McKinion came & Ester went to Mahon’s but they were away.

1st February 1895… I cleaned up the house today & went over to Boorcan in the afternoon & got my things ready.

2nd February Saturday… I came to Camperdown this morning & came home by the evening coach.

3rd February Sunday… I went to Church in the morning, Sunday school in the Afternoon & Church again at night.

4th February Monday… Washed in the morning and went down to the factory in the afternoon. To Church at night.

5th February Tuesday… Jim (her 17 year old brother) & I went to Red Hill (their fathers orchard property, I think) today and picked apples, plums and peaches and got back late and went to Church at night.

6th February Wednesday… Washed this morning I had tooth ache all day. Mr Wark was here this morning.

7th February Thursday… I was getting my things ready and walked down to Meads in the afternoon and came back early. Jim was not that very well today.

8th February Friday… I was doing up jam & the telegram came in the morning, went up to the station and out to Timboon in the afternoon.

9th February Saturday… Took the children out and helped to clean up in the afternoon and went to Mrs Wark’s garden in the evening.

10th February Sunday… They all went down to the coast in the morning, the baby was cross, and they did not come home till late.
11th February Monday… We washed in the afternoon and there were visitors. Wrote home today

12th February Tuesday… Washed some in the morning and did the ironing today.

13th February Wednesday… Did not do much today, watered the flowers.

14th February Thursday… I washed out the kitchen early and there were a lot of visitors. I milked the cow tonight.

15th February Friday… I scrubbed out the kitchen early today after the baby Mifs Wark was here nearly all day.

16th February Saturday… I did not take the children out this morning but got the work done early.

17th February Sunday… I went to Church with Myfs? Wark. The fires are all round.

18th February Monday… Mrs Easterbrook was here today, it rained and they went over to the station and I got my parcel.

19th February… It rained & we washed. Mrs Easterbrook went to the station.

20th February Wednesday… It rained and I ironed the clothes M was here today.

21st February Thursday… Mrs Wark went away into Camperdown this morning. Bert was here & went to the station with Jenny. I got a letter from home today.

22nd February Friday… It was fine this morning & I milked. Mr Wark came home this afternoon & Mrs Wark was washing in the morning.

23 February Saturday… Bert (her 8 year old brother) came early. Mr Wark came home to dinner, Mrs Wark sewing. Rained this evening.

24th February Sunday… Went down to Peterborough and got home early.

25th February Monday… Mr Wark went to Terang today I milked at night.

26th February Tuesday… Mr Wark came back and W. Cambell came with him.

27th February Wednesday… We washed today left the clothes out all night.

28th February Thursday… I ironed in the afternoon and they took Mifs Wark to the station. She went home today. Picked Blackberries at night.

1st March Friday… It rained in the morning and I got the floor scrubbed and that early.

2nd March Saturday… Willie went away this morning. I had the tooth ache today.

3rd March Sunday… Bert and Tom came and we went over to Easterbrooks.

4th March Monday… Washed today & cleaned the house up. I ironed in the evening. Mifs Easterbrook came today.

5th March Tuesday… It rained in the morning, got my things ready and came home by train. Went to Church tonight.

6th March Wednesday… Washed today and scrubbed out the bedroom and went down to Meads with Jim and Maggie (her 10 year old sister).

7th March Thursday… Ironed in the morning, went up to the hall in the afternoon. Jim and Father (Thomas Peter Errey II b 1847) went to the Devils Gullie for ferns etc.

8th March Friday… Jim and I went out to Red Hill and we got some apples, went to Finlayson’s & Robartson’s, got home late.

Here is a list of sewing items in the diary that was perhaps the parcel that arrived on Monday 18 February 1880 on the train.
Miss Errey
Dr to Fay Gibson
6 yards Dress stuff @ 1/4 per yard 8s 0d
3 yards Short Lining @ 4d per yard 1s 0d
1 ½ yards Body lining@ 4d per yard 6d
2 dozen Buttons @ 4d dozen 8d
3 yards Coffee lace @ 6d yard 1s 6d
1 Red silk twist @ 2d yard 2d
2 yards Pale blue ribbon @ 4 d yard 8d
5 ½ yards Sheeting @ 9 d yard 4s 1 ½d
6 yards Forfor? @ 6d yard 3s 0d
6 yards Calico @ 4 ½ d yard 2s 3d
1 yard Nuns veiling @ 10 ¾ d yard 10 ¾d
1 doz yds Print @ 4/6 per doz 4s 6d
½ doz Teaspoons 4/0 doz 2s 0d
Desert & Table spoons 5s 0d
4 Reels cotton 2 d tape. 1 pkt needles 3 mending wool 1
8 yards Stuff @ 8d

This is a family tree including – parents, siblings, of Jane Mercy Alice Errey

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